Of Giraffes and Superman

Did you know that giraffes only have 7 cervical vertebrae. . . just like humans. That’s right. You and I have the same number of cervical vertebrae as a giraffe. Can you imagine if a giraffe was involved in a car accident? OUCH! Talk about whiplash. Having a healthy and well-functioning neck is important for enjoying a high quality of life. You probably don’t think about it but if you can’t turn to look at who’s beside you when you are driving because your neck is stiff that causes two problems. First, it hurts every time you turn your head which makes you not want to look (big mistake). Second, it’s exhausting to have to do something that your body won’t let you do. If you have to go throug

Posture Perfect?

Your mother always told you to mind your posture. Your mother was on to something. A study that was published in 2014 which studied the effects of poor posture has some interesting results. Among them are as follows. Increasing the angle at which you hold your head, increases the forces placed on the cervical and upper thoracic spine. A typical head weighs about 13 pounds but when this 13 pound head is held at a 60 degree angle (about the angle that you might hold your head at when looking at your cell phone), your head exerts 60 pounds of force on the structures of your spine. That’s a 4 fold increase in the force your upper spine must endure. Loss of the natural curve in the spine leads

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