Of Spinal Discs and Jelly Donuts

Everyone these days wants to talk about discs. Disc bulges. Disc herniations. Disc protrusions. Disc. Disc. Disc. Isn’t MRI wonderful. Let’s talk about the spinal disc. The spinal disc is kinda like a jelly donut. It has a jelly like substance (nucleus pulposis) on the inside and is surrounded by bone on the top and bottom and a tough ligament (annulus fibrosis) all around the edge. It’s is common for people to say that they have a slipped disc. Technically, a disc cannot slip. It can bulge, herniate, and prolapse. . . but not slip. When someone says that they have a slipped disc, in reality what they have is an irritated disc. When a disc gets irritated, like any other soft tissue, it swell

The How of Chiropractic

How does chiropractic work? This is a great question and there are several theories. We know that the main effect of chiropractic is on the nervous system. You see the nervous system controls every cell, tissue and organ system in the body. The brain, which sits comfortably inside of your cranium, has a tail which hangs down and lives inside of your spine. The tail is called the spinal cord and it gives off branches of nerves called nerve roots. These nerve roots exit the spine through holes in your spine and branch into smaller and smaller nerves until every organ and tissue in your body is supplied with a nerve. The spinal cord and nerves work as a conduit for information to flow from vari

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