How Many Balls Can You JUGGLE?

Your health is a juggling act for your nervous system. Life requires that your nervous system constantly juggle the multitude of stresses that make up your life. And like any circus performing juggler has a limit of how many balls he can juggle, your nervous system also has a limit. So let's say that if your nervous system were in tip top shape, it could juggle 10 balls. 10 balls would be a challenge, but you would not drop a ball. Got it? So you go through normal life juggling 5 balls. You have no problems. Right? You even have margin . . . you could juggle 5 more balls. But, as time passes on you start to slip because of the formation of bad habits and maybe a little laziness. So you

YOU are Beautiful!!!

YOU are beautiful! I recommend that you repeat that to yourself every day, in front of a mirror, three times in a row. I am beautiful! I AM beautiful! I am BEAUTIFUL! Unless you are a guy. . . a DUDE! If your a dude let's go with . . . I am a Stud! I am a stud! I AM a stud! I am a STUD! Do this at least when you wake in the morning and before you go to bed at night. WHY in the world would I do this , , , You might ask? Simple . . . here it is. Your brain is a lot like a computer. Think of your conscious mind like a key board. YOU get to control what you type on a keyboard. Right? Well, you also get to choose what you read, say, listen to and think. BUT . . . like, you don't get to choos

The Chemistry of Life

Chiropractors have been helping people with a wide array of health problems since the profession was founded over 100 years ago. Watch this video as Dr. Tim explains in very simple terms how chiropractic doesn't just "treat back and neck pain" but actually changes the chemistry of your body, thus changing the way that your body performs.

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