Time + Repetition = Success . . . In almost everything worth doing in life! Improving the state of your health is no different. I will, from time to time, have people come into my clinic who want the magic adjustment. The single adjustment that will reverse years of neglect and spinal degeneration, as if a spinal adjustment were like flipping a switch. The truth is that I wish that I knew how to manufacture that result . . . I can assure you that my fees would be much higher if I could. :) The truth is that an adjustment is not like flipping a switch. It is more like turning a large ship around. First, you have to get the ship to slow down. . . then stop . . . then turn the ship around .

DOC . . . I Have a Pain MY Butt!

DOC . . . I have a pain in MY Butt! Can you help me? Frequently, this question is followed up with something along the lines of . . . and sometimes the pain goes down the back of my leg too. Although . . . The longer that I am in practice, the more people come in and say . . . Doc . . . I have Sciatica. Can you help with that? (At this point they generally tilt their head, raise one eyebrow and put their hands on their hips.) Ahhhhh. God love Google. Anyway. I digress. Sciatica, which is a common cause of "pain in the butt" as well as pain that goes down the back of the leg, and sometimes into the foot, is caused by an irritation to the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve exits the spine a

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