Of Course I Get HEADACHES!

The conversation goes something like this. . . Doctor: I see that you are coming for treatment of your neck and back and I can see that it is really having a bad effect on you. Let me ask you about some other problems that you may also be experiencing. Patient: Okay, go ahead. Doctor: Do you ever get headaches? Patient: Yes. Of course. Doctor: How often do you get them? Patient: I don't know (I can tell that they start thinking) maybe 2 to 4 times per week. Doctor: 2-4 times per week? Does that seem normal to you? Patient: Well it's been like that as long as I can remember. Doctor: It is not normal to have 2-4 headaches per week. Patient: Oh! Here's the deal. I have had a hea

Love is Greater Than Hate

LOVE >>> HATE The last 10 days have been rough, Scary. Confusing. Infuriating. And a little DEPRESSING. You see, I quit watching the news years ago because, well it's all CRAP and if I have to choose between "being well informed" and being "ignorantly living out my existence in my own little bubble . . . " I choose B. But in the past 10 days my bubble has been violently invaded. It started when some dude decided to go shoot up a church outside of Nashville. I read a report that said that he shot some lady in the parking lot . . . in the BACK and then proceeded to turn her over and shoot her in the face. Then he went into the church and shot up some more people before being confronted b

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