Failure . . . The SECRET to Success!

Failure is the SECRET to your Success! Don't believe me? Have you ever seen a baby stand up for the first time and take off walking across the room? HECK NO!!! That baby falls on his butt hundreds of times before he even gets enough balance mustered up to take a couple of wobbly . . . TODDLING steps. Thus the name . . . Toddler. In fact, you may not know this but we don't put padded diapers on babies because they aren't potty trained, we put PADDED diapers on babies because they FALL on their butt so much. But nobody has ever . . . EVER watched a 2 year old fall on his butt and think to himself, "what a loser, this kid will never amount to anything." When you are two, falling on your butt i

What You Focus on EXPANDS!

What you focus on EXPANDS!!! In the spirit of the Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to talk about GRATITUDE! I mean . . . that is what thanksgiving is all about. Right? Expressing gratitude for all of the wondering things and people that we have in our lives is a basic requirement for keeping those blessings and for expanding those blessings. Have you ever done something for someone and they didn't respond. They didn't say thank you. They didn't seem excited that you did something special for them. Maybe they didn't even acknowledge that you did something for them at all. You know . . . like a teenager. LOL! Did you want to do another good thing for that person? Of course NOT . . . Her

Your Sensitive Brain

Your brain is sensitive . . . Literally. Your brain's sole function is to receive and interpret the sensory information from your 5 . . . well actually 6 senses and then send messages to the different parts of your body telling what to do. Eyes (vision) . . . Ears (auditory) . . .Nose (smelling or olfactory) . . .Tongue (taste) . . . Skin (touch) AND Proprioceptors (joint position sense). Haven't heard of that one. . . Have ya? Your proprioceptors are nerve sensors located in and around joints that tell the brain the position of joints and the amount of tension in the muscles. Proprioceptors are what allow you to stand with your hands extended to your sides, close your eyes and touch your

Your Immune System and Christmas Music . . . UGH!

Guess what time of year it is? Yee Haw! My kids came home with 27 pounds of candy last night and this morning I got to listen to Christmas music on my way in to work . . . in the DARK . . . the COLD dark. Awesomeness. NOT! Currently I am sitting at my desk writing this email after having just eaten lunch at Vasken's. AND I am FREEZING!!! Have you guessed what time of year it is yet? I'll wait . . . Oh never mind. It's that time of year when the entire world decides to get sick. I guess you can call it flu season if you want but I don't know how much of what makes people feel like total dog poop can be attributed to the actual Influenza Virus. But I digress. Any way. I love you and I car

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