When the Pain Returns

Today I want to talk about something that frustrates both patients and doctors alike. A Relapse. When a person’s pain has resided and then comes back after a break without chiropractic care. Let’s face it; in an ideal world you would make a quick and steady climb back to a better state of health and wellness. However, the road to recovery often includes a few setbacks. Going through a return of your initial pain or symptoms can leave you feeling doubtful and disappointed. Let’s explain why this is normal and why it happens. The first thing we need to review is the purpose of chiropractic care. Remember, chiropractic is not a pill or medication you take for an ache or pain. Chiropracti

92 Years Old and Fabulous: Secrets to Longevity

This video is ONLY 14 minutes long and the information contained in it could change how well you enjoy the last 20-30 years of your life. Fill out this QUIZ and bring it in with you on your next (or FIRST :) visit and receive a FREE spinal adjustment. Click HERE for the Quiz.

Healthcare . . . Dangerous and Costly

Let’s talk about the expense of treating chronic illness versus the cost of maintaining your health. They are two very different things. The mainstream thing to do is to give no or little thought to maintaining health until someone gets sick and then to implement dangerous and costly medical and surgical “fixes” to the problem. Watch this video to learn more about this costly and dangerous problem . . .

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