Big Doors Swing On Tiny Hinges

Have you ever heard that Big doors swing on tiny hinges . . . Ever seen one of those giant, steel doors on a bank vault? They must weigh a ton (literally 2000 pounds) and yet they are hung on like 3 or 4 tiny hinges. Those tiny hinges must not only support the weight of those gigantic doors but they also must make it so that little old bank ladies can open and close those doors with relatively little effort. Little effort, that is, as long as those tiny hinges are well lubricated and in good working order. Ever try to open an old door with rusty old hinges? It doesn't matter how small or light the door is. Those old hinges make your life frustrating and irritating. Your spine is kinda like

4 Simple Shoulder Exercises

In many ways the health of your shoulders is dictated by the health of your spine but the health of your spine is also dictated by the health of your shoulders. You see, the body is a non-reducible system. Whatever the weak link is WILL negatively affect the health of the rest of the body. Particularly, weak and unhealthy shoulders will affect the health of your neck and mid-back. Here are 4 simple exercises that you can do anywhere that can help maintain mobility in the shoulders. Mobility and strength exercises in combination with regular chiropractic care is the best way to maintain the health of your spine and extremities. NOTE: These exercises should NOT hurt. If they do, stop doing

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