Do You Have a Back Problem or a Health Problem?

If you have a BACK problem . . . You have a HEALTH problem. 98 Years ago a study was published by a medical doctor. To my knowledge no such study has been repeated . . . Which is a sad testament to my profession. In this study, Dr. Henry Winsor performed dissections on 50 cadavers. The goal of these dissections was to determine if there was a connection between, “minor curvatures of the spine on the one hand, and diseased organs on the other.” Dr. Winsor’s words. 49 of the 50 cadavers possessed minor curvatures of the spine. Let me cut to the chase a little, the words that Dr. Winsor uses to describe these, “minor curvatures of the spine,” can be simplified down to the joints were stiff

Posture . . . Low Stress. Big Muscles. Be Happy.

Your mother always told you to mind your posture. Your mother was on to something. A study that was published in 2014 which studied the effects of poor posture has some interesting results. Among them are as follows. Increasing the angle at which you hold your head, increases the forces placed on the cervical and upper thoracic spine. A typical head weighs about 13 pounds but when this 13 pound head is held at a 60 degree angle (about the angle that you might hold your head at when looking at your cell phone), your head exerts 60 pounds of force on the structures of your spine. That’s a 4-fold increase in the force your upper spine must endure. Loss of the natural curve in the spine leads

How To Get Relief From Your Back Pain Without Risking Death!

Chronic Pain is characterized as ongoing or recurrent pain that lasts longer than it should, generally more than 3 months and adversely affects your sense of well-being. About 23% of the population have chronic low back pain and a whopping 12% are disabled by low back pain. That means that in the United States, roughly 85 million people have chronic low back pain and 42 million people are disabled because of it. The Medical answer to chronic low back pain has been the use of opioid drugs like Oxycodone and Oxycontin for the control of this pain for some time now. But, with an ever-increasing number of people (68,000 in 2018) dying from opioid over-dose, there really needs to be another ans

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