Don't Sit On Your Wallet! Here Is Why.

Practicing good posture is essential for good health. So therefore habitually doing things that cause poor posture IS BAD. Things like cradling a phone on your shoulder, wearing high-heeled shoes and looking down at your cell phone are all habits that lead to poor posture. Another one is sitting on a wallet. I discuss the problems associated with sitting on you wallet in this video. Gentlemen: It's time to stop carrying that wallet in your back pocket Ladies: It's time to get your man to . . . stop carrying that wallet in his back pocket.

Is Poor Posture Giving You Headaches and Back Pain?

A mound of research is starting to show that walking around . . . or sitting all day with poor posture is a serious health problem. In this video, I discuss how poor posture can lead to both headaches as well as back pain.

Is A Stand Up Desk A Good Option For Too Much Sitting?

Research into the effects of sitting too much is beginning to paint a very grim picture. In fact, Excessive sitting has been termed "the smoking of the 21st century." But let's face it. Most of us have jobs that require us to work on a computer . . . in the SITTING position. BUT do you really have to sit or is there another option. For some people there is no other option. . . They are stuck sitting all day. If you are fortunate enough to have an employer that will allow a stand up desk or a variable desk than I highly recommend that you do it. In this video I tell you my story of FINALLY getting myself a variable desk and how I found one for about half of what a comparable Vari-Desk migh

Do You Want To Be Happier?

Do you want to be happier? Kind of a stupid question. Isn't it? Of course you do. Well, researchers out of Great Britain did a study to determine if eating a certain way can make you happier and I present the results of the study to you in this short 2 and half minute long video.

How is Your Nervous System Tone?

Nervous System TONE? The Autonomic Nervous System or ANS is one of 3 main branches of the Nervous system. The ANS controls the functioning of the internal organs. Heart rate, blood pressure, blood flow to various organs, and digestion are controlled by the autonomic system. The best way that I know to explain how the Autonomic system works is this. Your body should have a certain tone. Like the tautness of a guitar string. If the guitar is strung too tight . . . it doesn’t sound right. Too loose . . . doesn’t sound right. The strings need to be just right. That is how your body is too . . . You need good tone. The job of the autonomic system is to maintain good tone to all of the organs

Don’t Worry, Be Happy . . . And Built Like THoR

Your mother always told you to mind your posture. Your mother was on to something. A study that was published in 2014 which studied the effects of poor posture has some interesting results. Among them are as follows. Increasing the angle at which you hold your head, increases the forces placed on the cervical and upper thoracic spine. A typical head weighs about 13 pounds but when this 13 pound head is held at a 60 degree angle (about the angle that you might hold your head at when looking at your cell phone), your head exerts 60 pounds of force on the structures of your spine. That’s a 4-fold increase in the force your upper spine must endure. Loss of the natural curve in the spine leads

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