Bike Racing. . . FEAR . . . and The Corona Virus

The media is creating fear over the Corona Virus. Mass HYSTERIA, really. You can’t even go to Wal mart and purchase Charmin toilet paper for crying out loud. I read an article that said that they are cancelling the March Madness Tournament. THAT. Is. MADNESS. Even Springfield is cancelling the St. Patty’s Day Parade. Too Bad! Did I mention that people are hoarding toilet paper . . . for a respiratory virus. LOL!!! Any hoo . . . I want to share a lesson that I learned in my 20’s about fear and holding on too tight. You see, I raced bikes when I was in college and for most of my 20’s. Bike racing is a little different than riding your bike around the block. Speeds would average 24-25 MPH

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