Vibrant Health NOW Available Without a Pill

If I could stuff all the benefits of regular exercise into a pill and sell it to you . . . you would pay whatever price I asked. That is how good exercise is for your health but there is no pill . . . there never will be a pill that has half the health benefits of exercise. What are some of the benefits of regular exercise? Decreased risk of cancer. Decreased risk of heart disease. Decreased risk of obesity. Decreased risk stroke. Decreased risk of joint destruction leading to total knee and hip replacement surgery. Do you smell what I am stepping in yet? Decreased spinal arthritis, back pain and disability due to spine related problems. (I am a chiropractor after all) Less anxiety and depre

5 Steps To Knowing What Supplements YOU Should B Taking!

If there was a way to know what supplements that you should take based on YOUR body's blueprint . . . would you want to know? Would you take them? In 1953 James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the structure of DNA. But what is DNA? Well for starters DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid. Think of DNA like a blueprint of what makes you . . . YOU! Hair color. Eye color. Skin color. The size of your hands and feet are all coded into your DNA. But DNA doesn’t JUST tell us what color hair that you will have or how big your feet are. The key thing to understand is that we are all different and that difference is coded into our DNA. So just as one person has brown hair and another person has

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