E-Learning at Home? It’s Time to Look Up!

As students worldwide return to school, it appears as though many will be e-learning for hours each day on their digital devices. While our devices can be fantastic tools for entertainment and education, the postural effects are something all parents should be aware of. For many students, e-learning may increase neck, mid-back, and low back pain. Spending 6 or more hours each day on a digital device can profoundly affect your mental, social, and physical health. Prolonged periods looking at a phone, tablet, or computer can result in “Tech Neck Syndrome.” This forward head posture can place a tremendous amount of stress on the neck (cervical spine) and lead to headaches, back pain, neck pain,

Help... I'm Overwhelmed in the Supplement Aisle!

So... Have you ever taken a walk through the supplement section at your local health food store and been completely overwhelmed? How about watching an ad on TV or social media and thinking "I need to be taking that!". Then, you take the supplement and think to yourself "Do I really this. Is it working?". If you have, you are not alone! I frequently get clients in my office who have this very same thought. It can be very confusing. At best you are wasting your money. Even worse, you are missing something you need or taking too much of something that can actually cause you harm (yes, you can take too many vitamins!) So, What do you do?! First take a deep breath and realize you are not

3 Keys to Developing a Healthy Spine

Developing a healthy spine begins by understanding the three keys of strength, flexibility, and posture. Strength, flexibility, and improving your posture will go a long way towards reducing pain and improving your spine's function. Your spine is made up of bones (vertebrae), and spinal discs that separate each bone. If you look at someone from the side, you'll notice that the vertebrae and discs create three distinct curves: the neck (cervical), mid-back (thoracic), and low back (lumbar). What you may not realize is that you began your life with a single curve, and the others developed as you began to crawl and walk as a child. As a baby, you had a single c-shaped curve - perfect for optimi

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