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Functional Medicine at Thrive Chiropractic & Functional Health is personalized healthcare that deals with the root cause of disease instead of just dealing with your symptoms.  

Dr. Jeni searches for underlying triggers that contribute to your health problems by conducting an extensive health history and cutting edge lab testing. Based on those results she will tailor an intervention specific to your needs.  

Dr. Jeni uses diet, supplements, lifestyle changes and herbs to improve your health in the safest, most gentle way possible.

She seeks to promote wellness, create hope, health and healing by working with you.

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Meet Dr. Jeni

Jeni St. Onge is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Chiropractor.


Dr. Jeni teaches people how to take back their health and live their lives to the fullest.  She does this by collecting individual “Health Intel” and creating a specific step-by-step plan based on each client’s unique needs. 


Dr. Jeni helps people lose weight, have more energy and find and fix the root causes of their health issues. Through a very thorough evaluation, the use of “cutting-edge” diagnostic tests and real-world implementation plans, Dr. Jeni’s clients learn the strategies necessary to maximize their health and live their best lives.


Dr. Jeni  has over 14 years experience in healthcare.  She has helped hundreds of people improve their health and quality of life and she looks forward to helping you.

Food Based Nutritional Supplements

Standard Process and Practrition are companies that use primarily food based nutrition.  The honest truth is that the biochemical complexity of the human body far surpasses our ability to understand it.  Even today, we identify new substances found in food that we did not even know existed last month or last year.

In an ideal world, we would eat meat from animals that have spent their lives roaming in open ranges and eating natural grass.  We would eat fruits and vegetables grown in fields that utilize good farming practices that involve natural fertilizers, crop rotation and the lost art of allowing a field to lay fallow periodically so that the soil can regenerate.

The reality is that our food is far from ideal and because of that most of us have nutritional deficiencies.  Correcting those deficiencies is not as simple as taking the multivitamin that you get at the local big box store.  It's just NOT that simple.

Standard Process and Practrition are serious about creating nutritional supplements that respect the fact that providing the body with the nutrients it needs to Thrive requires them to make their supplements from a base of real food.  It's may seem more expensive, but it is way better...  That is why we use them.

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Our Process

We begin our relationship with each new patient with a FREE consultation.  We understand that Functional Health is fairly new for most people and you probably have a lot of questions about whether we can help you.   

During the initial, FREE consultation, Dr. Jeni will sit down with you and ask you questions about your past and present health and your goals for your health.  Based on that conversation, she will determine if you are a candidate for our services and if so how to proceed.

If you are a candidate for care and if you choose to work with Dr. Jeni, she will outline a preliminary plan which may include blood, urine, saliva or stool testing, nutritional DNA testing, a more extensive health history, dietary changes, and lifestyle modifications.

Functional health consultations can either be performed in the office or via phone or video conferencing.

If you are serious about improving your health without the dangerous and inconvenient side-effects of drugs and surgery, click the button and schedule an appointment for a FREE, no obligation consultation.

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