939878730 Secret Exercise to Reverse Rounded Shoulders

Secret Exercise to Reverse Rounded Shoulders

If you spend much time sitting or staring at a cell phone, there is a good chance that the muscles in your chest have become shortened from it. When the chest muscles become shortened, it can cause you to have:

1. Rounded Shoulders

2. Neck and Shoulder Pain

3. A Dowagers Hump (See Picture Below)

And over time this can lead to spinal degeneration and chronic pain in the cervical spine (neck).

Dr. Jeni demonstrates some great stretches that you can do at home on a 36 inch long Foam Roll. These stretches, if done on a regular basis can reverse or at least slow the progression of the Dowager's Hump and the cervical degenerative process.

If you don't have a Foam Roll, you can get one HERE.

Here is a picture of a Dowager's Hump if you aren't sure what it is:

Again, need a Foam Roll. Here it is: FOAM ROLL

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