Get adjusted… Get sick less often!

Does everyone around you seem to be coming down with something? Colds, flu, viruses, etc.? They are everywhere…. Unless you want to live in seclusion, you will most likely be exposed to germs everywhere you go!

But… You can boost your body’s own natural defenses and fight the good fight. Your mother was right, washing your hands goes a long way here 🙂

You can also boost your body’s immune response by receiving a Chiropractic adjustment. In fact, those under regular Chiropractic care usually experience significantly fewer episodes of illness. This is true in both adults and Children.

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So, if you are starting to feel run down like you might be “Catching something”, make a stop by to get adjusted and fight the good fight, my friends!

And, you are in luck if you need to come in before Dec. 19th and are are referring yourself as a new patient, you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE day at Spa Chateau… That should make you feel better already! Give us a call at 417-598-0080 or Schedule online

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