Fit as a Fiddle

The term fit as a fiddle comes from the need to maintain a musical instrument in good repair and well cleaned in order for the sound quality that comes out of the instrument to have a pleasing sound to the listener’s ear.

For instance on a violin, worn or broken strings must be replaced, tiny pegs must be kept tightened, the bridge that creates a fulcrum for the strings must be positioned just right and finally the instrument must be kept clean in order for it to produce the beautiful sound that we expect from a high quality musical instrument.

The same analogy holds for people too.

God created each and every one of us for a specific purpose, much like a musical instrument in an orchestra. If we don’t maintain our own health, then it becomes much more difficult, maybe even impossible to live up to that purpose.

Think about it this way. In an orchestra, each instrument has a purpose. What do you think would happen if a Cello was out of tune and not cared for properly.

What would happen if it was NOT “fit as a fiddle?”

The entire orchestra would be off. The music would not be pleasant. No one would pay to listen to the music.

Well, guess what? You are an instrument in the orchestra that is your family. Your family is part of your community and your community a part of our country.

If you don’t maintain your health, what will happen to your orchestra (family)? Will it produce the “sound” that you desire?

So what can you do to maintain the quality of your musical instrument (health)?

Well, one thing that you can do is visit a chiropractor to make sure that you have good alignment and mobility in your spine. Think of it as having the strings on your bass guitar tuned.

Proper spinal mobility and alignment are essential to good health and your good health is essential to the health of your family and the health of your family is essential to the health of your community.

The reality is that you should maintain your health not only so that you will feel better but also because if you don’t, everyone around you suffers because of it. We don’t live in a vacuum.

If you get tired easily, have trouble sleeping, get sick too much, or get grouchy and moody with people that you love, maybe it’s time for a tune up.

Give us a call!

Stay well adjusted my friends.

Dr. Tim

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