How Many Balls Can You JUGGLE?

Your health is a juggling act for your nervous system.

Life requires that your nervous system constantly juggle the multitude of stresses that make up your life.

And like any circus performing juggler has a limit of how many balls he can juggle, your nervous system also has a limit.

So let's say that if your nervous system were in tip top shape, it could juggle 10 balls. 10 balls would be a challenge, but you would not drop a ball.

Got it?

So you go through normal life juggling 5 balls. You have no problems. Right? You even have margin . . . you could juggle 5 more balls.

But, as time passes on you start to slip because of the formation of bad habits and maybe a little laziness. So you lose the ability to juggle 10 balls.

10 Balls becomes 9 . . . 9 becomes 8 and 8 becomes 7.

But it's okay because life only requires you to juggle 5 balls. You don't recognize that you have a problem.

You don't recognize that you have lost the ability to juggle 10 balls.

You don't recognize that your LIFE potential has decreased.

Now let's say that you slip some more and can only juggle 6 balls and at about the same time, . . Life throws you another ball to juggle.

That ball could look like anything really . . . a promotion at work with more responsibility . . . losing a job. . . . your kid gets sick . . . or heck maybe you just sleep wrong on the couch.

The point is that you are now juggling at your capacity. You are still okay.

You feel the strain of being at capacity . . . maybe your arms start to hurt . . . your back starts to ache . . . maybe you get a headache or just don't have the extra energy that you used to have

. . . but you are still keeping the balls in the air.


What happens if life throws ball number 7 at you?


You drop all of the balls.

If God is kind to you, you will get the opportunity to pick the balls back up and start juggling again. . .

if not, you will be dead!

Heart attack, cancer, stroke . . . Doesn't really matter, the end result is the same.

Did you know that more people die at 8:00 on a Monday morning than any other time?

I don't know why I am telling you this, it's just something that I read once.

So what is my point?

Why am I writing this crazy email talking about JUGGLING circus performers and NERVES and BACK ACHES and DYING on a Monday morning?

Here is the deal my friends!!!

We are all juggling the stresses of life . . . EVERY BODY!

I can tell you three things for sure that I know about stress:

1. You are designed to handle a limited amount of stress (some people more than others)

2. Your capacity to juggle stress can either increase or decrease (and you have a lot to say about it)

3. Excessive, chronic Stress KILLS! This is clear in the research

SO . . . What can you do about it?

1. Make sure that your nervous system is in tip top shape by having your spine checked by a chiropractor.

Dysfunction in the spine leads to dysfunction in the nervous system and causes you to lose juggling capacity. It's as simple as that.

improving spine function improves juggling capacity . . . It makes you more resistant to stress . . It gives you more margin.

2. Exercise: Research indicates that as little as 3 hours per week of moderate exercise (like risk walking) can increase life expectancy by as much as 5 years.

In addition according to a study from Harvard University exercise also wards off depression, enhances sex, sharpens your wit, makes you sleep better, and maintains your mobility and vitality.

In other words, it increases your juggling capacity.

3. Eat MORE Fruits and Vegetables: Calorie for calorie there is no better food to eat than cucumbers (or any other fruit or vegetable).

A study came out in the British Medical Journal that stated that people who eat more fruits and vegetables were happier than people who did not.

The more fruits and vegetables that people ate the happier they were. . .

up to 7 servings per day. 7 Servings of Apples and carrots per day results in the happiest people.

It's well known that the best jugglers are HAPPY :)

I got more where this came from but if you want to find out you have to give me a call.

You have a decision to make AND you have only two choices AND time is of the essence . . .

Start setting balls down on purpose . . .

Slow down . . .

Allow the slow, graceless effects of time, inactivity and a lack of attention to your health FORCE you to do less and less.

More pills. More surgery.

Fewer walks on the beach with your loved ones. Less playing on the floor with your children and grand-children.

Might as well forget about active vacations.


You could start taking ACTION.

Action that will allow you to juggle your maximum number of balls.

Action that will increase your resistance to stress.

Action that will allow you to RACE into your golden years, completely out of breath, clutching your scarf and SCREAMING. . . Holy CRAP Jeni . . .


The Choice is your to make my friend.


As always, I am here to help in any capacity that I can.

Yours in Spectacular HEALTH,

Dr. Tim

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