DOC . . . I Have a Pain MY Butt!

DOC . . . I have a pain in MY Butt! Can you help me?

Frequently, this question is followed up with something along the lines of

. . . and sometimes the pain goes down the back of my leg too.

Although . . . The longer that I am in practice, the more people come in and say . . .

Doc . . . I have Sciatica.

Can you help with that? (At this point they generally tilt their head, raise one eyebrow and put their hands on their hips.)

Ahhhhh. God love Google.

Anyway. I digress.

Sciatica, which is a common cause of "pain in the butt" as well as pain that goes down the back of the leg, and sometimes into the foot, is caused by an irritation to the sciatic nerve.

The sciatic nerve exits the spine as 5 different nerve roots (L4-S3) which combine to form the sciatic nerve inside of the pelvis. The nerve exits the pelvis just beneath a muscle called the Piriformis muscle and turns south to makes its way down the back side of the thigh and leg and finally into the foot.

As I said before, sciatica is caused by an irritation of the sciatic nerve. There are a number of structures that can cause the rub, if you will, but the one thing that all cases of sciatica have in common is this . . .

Misalignment and loss of mobility of the bones of the low back and hips.

A misalignment and loss of mobility of a spinal segment which causes interference (irritation) to a nerve is a condition that chiropractors refer to as a Subluxation.

Locating and correcting Subluxations by means of a specific chiropractic adjustment is the one thing that a chiropractor does.

So in answer to the question . . .

Doc, can you help the pain in my butt.?

Most cases of sciatica that I have seen resolve nicely with chiropractic care.

If you or a loved one is experiencing "a pain in your butt," or if you are prone to google-diagnosing and have an unconfirmed case of sciatica . . .

Give us a call at 417.598.0080

. . . to see if we can help you with that.

Yours in Great Health,

Dr. Tim

P.S. We can help you if you have a confirmed case too. :)

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