Time + Repetition = Success . . .

In almost everything worth doing in life!

Improving the state of your health is no different.

I will, from time to time, have people come into my clinic who want the magic adjustment. The single adjustment that will reverse years of neglect and spinal degeneration, as if a spinal adjustment were like flipping a switch.

The truth is that I wish that I knew how to manufacture that result . . . I can assure you that my fees would be much higher if I could. :)

The truth is that an adjustment is not like flipping a switch. It is more like turning a large ship around.

First, you have to get the ship to slow down. . . then stop . . . then turn the ship around . . . and then finally get headed in the right direction.

Unfortunately, a single adjustment is unlikely to make a huge dent in your actual health.

However, a series of adjustments that are provided with a sufficient frequency, over enough time can indeed change your health for the better.

You see, the main "DESIRED"effect of a chiropractic care plan is to improve function in the body. . .

Better SLEEP. More ENERGY. Improved MOBILITY. Increased HEALING. Less ILLNESS.


AND yes . . . Less Pain!

These are all desirable indications that YOUR ship is heading in the right direction.

BUT . . .

Improving the quality of your life and optimizing your health is a process.

And like any process, it requires


Yours in Great Health,

Dr. Tim

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