The Head of the House . . .

I am the head of my household.

As the head of my household, I have the responsibility to make sure that everyone has what they need to be successful and it also means that I am responsible for making sure that everyone does what they are suppose to do . . . when they are supposed to do it.

I have to tell my wife, my son and my daughters what I need for them to do in order for all of us to navigate the world around us,

in order for us to be SUCCESSFUL.


In order for me to understand what each of their needs (and wants) are and in order for me to steer the St. Onge ship well . . . I need for each of my family members to communicate with me.

I need to know what they need . . . what they want . . . what is bothering them . . . their hopes . . . their fears.

If they don't tell me what is going on in their world, I cannot effectively maneuver all of the pieces on the board


the longer they go without communicating with me, the longer I will go without knowing what is going on AND the more stressed out I will become AND the less successful my family will be.

I will begin to lose the ability to coordinate all of the activities that need to take place for the St. Onge family to be successful. Eventually we will get sick, start arguing, stop behaving like a family, we will start to have contempt for each other, maybe one of the kids will run away or start to hang out with the wrong people and do the wrong things, and of course divorce is often on this road as well.

All of these problems because of a lack of communication.

Your brain and body function much the same.

Your brain is the head of the house which is your body. Your brains job is to coordinate all of the various functions in your body. It tells the different parts of your body what to do and when to do them so that YOU can be happy, healthy and successful.


For your brain to be able to successfully coordinate all of these functions . . . your body has to communicate with your brain.

One of the most important body parts is your spine. Your spine communicates with your brain through movement.

Each individual joint in the spine sends thousands of tiny signals to the brain when it moves and your brain loves hearing these signals. When your brain gets these signals, your brain is happy.

When your brain is happy, your body functions WELL. Life is good!


When your brain doesn't get these signals that are created through normal spinal motion,


Your brain gets stressed out. It starts to make stuff up. It makes too much of this hormone and not enough of that hormone.

It raises your blood pressure and decreases your breathing.

It causes you to experience PAIN.

NOT because you have an injury but because it doesn't know any better.

If your brain doesn't get those soothing signals created by the moving of your spinal joints . . . it assumes that something is wrong


when your brain assumes that something is wrong, it sends out bad messages to your body.

When that happens: you have less energy, you don't sleep well, your mood and focus become dulled, you become stiff, you experience PAIN.

The problem with having a back problem isn't that it effects your back . . .

The problem with having a back problem is that it effects your BRAIN.

The problem with having a back problem is that it effects your HEALTH.

Communication is a two way street and if your spine isn't communicating properly with your brain . . .

You got problems!!!

So here is the deal, sitting is murder on the spine. Literally MURDER.

Since you live in the 21st century, and sitting is a way of life:

If you want to make sure that your spine is communicating with your brain then you must:

1. Walk on a regular basis and I mean like reallllly walk. Like Daily

2. Do some yoga or stretching of the spine, shoulders and hips on a regular basis. Like 3-

times per week.

3. Drink plenty of water. Like half your body weight in ounces. ( ie. if you weight 200 lbs,

drink 100 oz of water per day)

4. Get your spine check and adjusted if necessary at least every 2 weeks, more than that if

you already have spinal pain and stiffness.

Here's to your SUCCESS. . . . HEALTH . . . HAPPINESS!

With Love,

Dr. Tim

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