Of Course I Get HEADACHES!

The conversation goes something like this. . .

Doctor: I see that you are coming for treatment of your neck and back and I can see that it is really having a bad effect on you. Let me ask you about some other problems that you may also be experiencing.

Patient: Okay, go ahead.

Doctor: Do you ever get headaches?

Patient: Yes. Of course.

Doctor: How often do you get them?

Patient: I don't know (I can tell that they start thinking) maybe 2 to 4 times per week.

Doctor: 2-4 times per week? Does that seem normal to you?

Patient: Well it's been like that as long as I can remember.

Doctor: It is not normal to have 2-4 headaches per week.

Patient: Oh!

Here's the deal. I have had a headache. You have had a headache. At some point in every person's life they are going to experience a headache.

Truth be told. . . if you can pop a couple of Advil and be done with it. . . You might as well.

If you don't drink enough water, that can give you a headache. Drink more water!

But if you are experiencing regular headaches and by regular I mean, if you are getting headaches more than 1 every couple of weeks . . . you should seriously get your spine checked.

If your headaches are interfering with your life in any way . . . Call right NOW and get your spine checked.

You SEE!

Tiny misalignments in your neck can irritate nerves that go to your head and alter blood flow which are two of the main causes of headaches.

Correcting those tiny misalignments is literally the only thing that a chiropractor does.

STOP suffering with headaches.

IT IS NOT NORMAL! I promise. . . . It is not normal.

If you get more than 2 headaches per month . . . If you find that you are getting headaches more frequently over time . . .If you have friends that you know suffer from headaches

CALL US. We can help!

With Love,

Dr. Tim

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