Your Sensitive Brain

Your brain is sensitive . . . Literally.

Your brain's sole function is to receive and interpret the sensory information from your 5 . . . well actually 6 senses and then send messages to the different parts of your body telling what to do.

Eyes (vision) . . . Ears (auditory) . . .Nose (smelling or olfactory) . . .Tongue (taste) . . . Skin (touch)


Proprioceptors (joint position sense).

Haven't heard of that one. . . Have ya?

Your proprioceptors are nerve sensors located in and around joints that tell the brain the position of joints and the amount of tension in the muscles. Proprioceptors are what allow you to stand with your hands extended to your sides, close your eyes and touch your nose.

You know . . . Pass a sobriety test on the side of the road.

Well here is the thing about those proprioceptors:

1. If a joint, especially a joint in the spine is not functioning correctly (has lost normal

alignment and mobility), that joint's propioceptors send a "bad" message to the brain.

2. If a joint is not moved enough through a full range of motion, like what happens to the

spinal joints when you sit all day at work, then your proprioceptors will send "bad" signals

to the brain.

3. If the BRAIN continues to get these "bad" signals from your joints . . . it will eventually start

sending "bad" information to your body.

Side Note: At this point I would like to remind you that your brain is responsible for coordinating all of the various functions that keep you upright and functioning. So having a brain that sends out "bad" information is . . . BAD!

So what do you do about this "improper proprioceptor input to the brain?"

I am so HAPPY that you asked.

Here it is . . .

You have to MOVE!

Go for a walk . . . do yoga . . . stretch . . . do pilates.

You have to move your bones.

And if a joint in your spine gets stuck . . . you gotta call your chiropractor to un-stick it because if you don't, that joint will send bad information to your brain . . . which will screw up your brain . . . and then your brain will send bad info to your body . . . then your body stops functioning properly . . . I think you get the point!

How do you know if a joint is stuck?

It can be difficult to tell on your own. If you have difficulty turning your head or can bend one way more than the other way, you might have a joint dysfunction. And of course, if you have any pain or discomfort when moving a joint, YOU HAVE JOINT DYSFUNCTION.

At the end of the day, only a chiropractor is trained to detect and correct spinal joint dysfunctions.

That bad info could manifest in many different ways: back pain, neck pain, headaches, knee pain, indigestion, high blood pressure, constipation, etc.

You see . . . a back problem isn't just a back problem.

A BACK problem causes a BRAIN problem . . . a back problem is a HEALTH PROBLEM.

Who loves you baby,

Dr. Tim

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