What You Focus on EXPANDS!

What you focus on EXPANDS!!!

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to talk about GRATITUDE!

I mean . . . that is what thanksgiving is all about. Right?

Expressing gratitude for all of the wondering things and people that we have in our lives is a basic requirement for keeping those blessings and for expanding those blessings.

Have you ever done something for someone and they didn't respond. They didn't say thank you. They didn't seem excited that you did something special for them. Maybe they didn't even acknowledge that you did something for them at all.

You know . . . like a teenager. LOL!

Did you want to do another good thing for that person?

Of course NOT . . .

Here's a secret for you NO ONE WANTS TO GIVE TO AN INGRATE.

No One!

Why do people not show gratitude when other people, or God do nice things for them?

WHO KNOWS. . . but I do know one thing . . .

What you focus on EXPANDS . . . and if you spend your time focusing on what you have. . . being grateful for what you have . . . being grateful for the people that helped you get what you have . . . being grateful to God for what you have . . you tend to get more.

And I'm not just talking about stuff like expensive cars and big houses and fancy clothes and money in the bank and your name in marque lights . . . although maybe you will have some of that stuff one day too . . . maybe you have some of it now.

But there is other stuff to be thankful for too . . . bigger stuff . . . more important stuff . . . stuff that will make you RICH beyond measure.

I am talking about friends that you can count on NO MATTER WHAT . . . kids that look up to you . . . a spouse that loves you . . .a church family that accepts you (and will bring you home cooked food when you get sick) . . . A Creator in Heaven who always, ALWAYS waits for us no matter how far astray that we go. . . A job that pays us money so that we can provide for ourselves and our family . . . Living in a country whose founding document stands up to the WORLD and shouts, "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL AND ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR WITH CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, THAT AMONG THESE ARE LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. . ." and the men and women who defend that document and our rights contained within.

Holy COW. Writing this document has been a good exercise for my gratitude.

Here is the deal my friends. What you focus on Expands!

If you spend all of your time focusing about, worrying about, complaining about, talking about all of the things that you lack . . . well first of all you will make yourself miserable. Second of all . . . your future blessings, will shrivel up and you might even lose the good things that you already DO HAVE.

But if you focus on the good stuff that you have . . . the good people in your life . . . your spouse . . . your kids . . . your regular paycheck . . . your dependable friends . . . a God who loves you. . . a daily sunrise . . . breathable air . . . STEAK AND GARLIC MASHED POTATOES . . . maybe just maybe the people who allowed you to have those GOOD things will look at you and say . . .

This guy appreciates me . . . I want to give him MORE!

So here it is my friends. I appreciate you! I appreciate that you read my rantings.

I appreciate that I have a beautiful wife that loves me . . . kids that look up to me . . . a church family that accepts me . . . a Creator that waits for me . . . a job that provides for my family . . . My country . . . it's military . . .the sun . . .the moon. . . the sunrise . . .and another day.

AND YES . . . I love Steak and Garlic Mashed potatoes!

My FRIEND may the Goodness in your life expand!

Yours in Great Health,

Dr. Tim

P.S. If you don't have a church family that accepts you and will bring you home cooked food when you get sick, send me a message and I will help you find one.

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