Failure . . . The SECRET to Success!

Failure is the SECRET to your Success!

Don't believe me?

Have you ever seen a baby stand up for the first time and take off walking across the room?


That baby falls on his butt hundreds of times before he even gets enough balance mustered up to take a couple of wobbly . . . TODDLING steps. Thus the name . . . Toddler.

In fact, you may not know this but we don't put padded diapers on babies because they aren't potty trained, we put PADDED diapers on babies because they FALL on their butt so much.

But nobody has ever . . . EVER watched a 2 year old fall on his butt and think to himself, "what a loser, this kid will never amount to anything."

When you are two, falling on your butt is the price that you pay to learn how to walk . . .

OR in other words FAILURE is the price of SUCCESS.

But somewhere along about, I don't know 16 to 20 something, people start to get this idea in their head that if they fail at something . . .

They are a loser


It just isn't meant to be


I will never amount to anything


I guess I'm just not good enough


No one will love me if they see me fail


I guess it's not GOD'S will. (Yea, I'm pretty sure that God just loooooves being used as an excuse for our lack of development)

Whatever. . . . you get the idea.

Here's the deal . . .

It doesn't matter if you are 9 months old learning how to crawl or 65 years old learning how to play the drums for the first time or a middle aged woman trying to stick to a diet so that you can lose some weight.

If you ultimately want to succeed then you must . . . let me repeat . . . YOU MUST.

Fail until you don't. Keep trying. Be persistent.

Don't let a natural little set back turn into the universe being against you.

Failure is a normal, natural part of learning ANYTHING.

The only people who don't fail at stuff are boring people who are not growing as human beings because they don't even TRY stuff.

So I say, if you wanna be GREAT. . . Fail . . . Fail often . . .Fail fast . . . Regroup . . . Fail again.

One day, it absolutely does NOT matter what we are talking about here . . but one day you WILL get back up . . .

AND actually walk across that room without falling, without even a wobble and God will smile down on you and say, I always knew you could do it.

And at that moment, you will acquire a confidence that you did not have before and the only way to acquire THAT confidence is by swimming through that big, dark, scary pool of failure to get to your "SUCCESS."

Whatever that might be for you. Losing 10 pounds. Losing 100 pounds. Running a marathon or 5K. Getting your black belt in some martial art. Finishing college. Finishing high school. Playing a musical instrument. Becoming a good SPOUSE. Becoming a GREAT parent.

It doesn't matter what it is. YOU. MUST. PAY. THE. PRICE. PERIOD EXCLAMATION POINT!

You might as well expect it and figure it into the equation so it doesn't keep you from success and an ABUNDANT LIFE.

And Do NOT make a mistake about this . . . an ABUNDANT LIFE is exactly what is at stake here.

The SECRET to YOUR Success . . . IS failure!

With Love,

Dr. Tim

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