What Does Stress Have To Do With It?

What is Stress and how does it affect your LIFE? Hi. I am Dr. Tim St. Onge with Thrive Chiropractic in Branson, MO.

In terms of your health . . . Stress is a stimulus that your brain perceives as a threat to your survival. When the car in the lane next to you swerves into your lane, your brain perceives it as a threat.

When this happens your brain shifts into something that we call “fight or flight” mode. The fight or flight mode creates sweeping changes to your bodies physiology. Changes like increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, a heightened sense of your surroundings, increased blood sugar and increased muscle tone, especially around your spine, prepare your body to either stand your ground and fight or turn tale and run for your safety.

Other changes like decreasing blood flow to your hands and feet and decreasing blood flow to your digestive system and reproductive system saves vital energy since, in a survival situation, procreation and digestion are pretty low on the list of important functions

This is all good in the short term, it improves your survival prospects. Which is of course a good thing. The world needs you.

But if you are constantly bombarded with stressful stimuli, which YOU ARE, I promise. then these changes start to have a negative effect on your long-term health.

Increased heart function become hypertension, a heightened sense of your surroundings becomes anxiety and her evil twin sister depression, increased blood sugar becomes type 2 diabetes, increased muscle tone around your spine becomes a subluxation and eventually spinal arthritis.

When your brain is always preparing for a fight, your body simply wears out. Just think what would happen to your car if you always drove it as hard as you could. It would wear out faster . . . RIGHT.

Well, One of the great benefits of a chiropractic adjustment is that it shifts your brain AWAY FROM “fight or flight” mode and back to the normal, “REST and DIGEST” mode so that your body can HEAL better and you can experience a normal, energetic ZEST for life.

The complete answer to your long-term health is finding a system to manage your stress well, but the odds of having a healthy level of stress living in todays world without some help is pretty well nil and that is why Thrive Chiropractic is here for you.

Okay. That’s it. Make today a GREAT Day.

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