Is Your Posture Shortening Your Life Span?

Watch this short video (4 min 12 sec) as Dr. Tim St. Onge discusses some of the negative health affects of having chronically poor posture.

What are the Negative Health Effects of Poor Posture?

Hi, I am Dr. Tim St. Onge with Thrive Chiropractic in Branson, MO.

Research has shown that a loss of or increase in the normal curves of the spine may increase mortality by up to 15 years. People die 15 years sooner than they should because of abnormal posture. Think about that for a minute.

Some of the less ominous problems associated with chronic poor posture may include: Neck Pain, Headaches, Back Pain, Herniated Spinal Discs, Heart Disease, Decreased Sex Drive, Depression, Constipation, Reflux and Breathing difficulties. Long List, Hey?

Sooo . . . What to do about it? In our office, we start off by doing a computerized evaluation of your posture. We take two pictures in order to perform a digital postural evaluation. One picture from the front and one from the back. The program that we utilized creates mathematical computations which allows us to have a quantitative analysis of your posture so that we can track improvements as we go along in any kind of care plan that we come up with.

What should posture look like? Well, Ideally, when looking at a person’s posture from the side the ankle, hip, shoulder and ear hole should line up. The most common postural problem occurs when the head moves forward of the shoulder into a flexed position, we refer to this as a head-forward posture and when that happens it throws the rest of the posture off as the body attempts to compensate for that particular fault.

When looking at the front picture, we might see one shoulder or hip sitting higher than the other or maybe a tilt or rotation of the head. A lot of what we are looking for from the front is symmetry from the Left to the Right. Misalignments from the front can give us an idea of abnormal muscle tension in the neck and shoulder or the low back and hip muscles.

Some causes of these postural faults might include excessively looking down at a smart phone, sitting too much, obesity, habitually standing cock-eyed or carrying something heavy on one side of your body. Like a purse or a back pack.

Whatever the cause, if you want to avoid the health problems that I discussed earlier in this video, then you have to do something about it.

But what?

When you come in to our office, we take a two-pronged approach to improving and then maintaining your posture. Of course, we start with an evaluation which includes the digital postural assessment that I spoke of earlier and then we perform a movement assessment of your neck, shoulders, back and hips to determine if you are moving properly and then we check for subluxations or kinks in your spine which are most likely causing both the posture and the movement faults.

If we think that we can help you, we will discuss care options and go from there. The bottom line is this, It is becoming increasingly obvious that posture and having an optimally functioning spine is vital to good health and vitality.

Maybe you should at least have yours checked to see how you are doing? Don’t you think?

Call our office at 417.598.0080 and for only $19 we will perform a complete consultation and examination. We will perform a digital posture assessment, a movement assessment of your neck, back, shoulders and hips and we will check you for the presence of subluxations or kinks in your spine.

Again, give us a call at 417.598.0080. Thanks and have a great day.

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