My 2 Favorite Low Back Stretches

I made this video that demonstrates two of my favorite stretches to relieve low back pain. People sit way, way, way, way too much these days.

Research shows that sitting more than 2 hours per day increases your risk of pretty much every chronic disease including low back pain and in my 14 years of practice, asking thousands of people how much they sit, I would say that the average is probably 8 with some people up around 10-12.

My first recommendation is to stop sitting, but since most jobs require us to sit and I guess you need a job. We need a work around to the problem.

Performing these two exercises stretches two of the muscles that tend to get shortened when sitting and when they get shortened they can cause low back pain because of the way that they pull on the spinal bones.

So, without further adieu I present to you the Psoas and Piriformis muscle stretches.


Love ya,

Dr. Tim

PS. No exercise should be painful so if you experience pain, stop performing the exercise and visit your chiropractor.

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