Chest & Shoulder Stretches on Foam Roll

Here is a video of 4 good exercises for combating a slumped posture from excessive sitting and computer use. You will need a foam roll that is 6 inches diameter x 36 inches long.

The exercises are:

1. T- arm - hold for 30 seconds

2. Y-arm - hold for 30 seconds

3. W-arm - 10 repetitions, hold for 2 seconds on each end of movement.

4. Scapular Retraction - 10 repetitions, hold for 2 seconds

If you have problems with a "slumping" posture," you sit a lot and use the computer a lot give these exercises a try. You could do them 2-3 times per day if you wanted to.

As always, there should be NO PAIN involved with performing these exercises. If you have pain with them, consult with your chiropractor.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Tim

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