Big Doors Swing On Tiny Hinges

Have you ever heard that Big doors swing on tiny hinges . . .

Ever seen one of those giant, steel doors on a bank vault?

They must weigh a ton (literally 2000 pounds) and yet they are hung on like 3 or 4 tiny hinges.

Those tiny hinges must not only support the weight of those gigantic doors but they also must make it so that little old bank ladies can open and close those doors with relatively little effort.

Little effort, that is, as long as those tiny hinges are well lubricated and in good working order.

Ever try to open an old door with rusty old hinges? It doesn't matter how small or light the door is. Those old hinges make your life frustrating and irritating.

Your spine is kinda like the hinges on a bank vault too.

Actually, from your occiput (your skull) to your sacrum (your tail bone) there are 74 hinges (joints) that support the weight of your body and allow you to move . . .

To Bend down and tie your shoes . . .

To get on the floor and play with your kids and grand kids . . .

To lift your vacation suitcase into the overhead bin on the way to your next vacay . . .

To LIVE . . . Yes in order to LIVE, you must be able to move and the easier you can move, the BETTER your life will be.

The more energy you will have. . . the Better you will SLEEP . . . The Better you will handle STRESS . . .

Chiropractic keeps those 74 joints aligned and moving properly so that your LIFE can be BETTER . . . So that you can express YOUR GIFT to the world BETTER.

Because when those 74 "hinges" become stiff and misaligned bad things start to happen, just like when those hinges on the door start to become stiff and rusty.

Using them becomes frustrating and irritating.

Tying your shoes becomes a chore.

Playing with the kids? Who has the energy for that? Right

SLEEP becomes elusive.


You are always welcome to come in for an adjustment when your back is hurting. We are HERE for YOU.

But what if we could "keep the hinges swinging freely?" How would your life look if the simple activities of daily living became . . . SIMPLE again.

And stayed that way.

That is why I recommend regular spinal maintenance which includes:

1. Regular spinal adjustments - we recommend being adjusted any where from weekly to

monthly depending on the amount of stress you are under and on how healthy you are.

Most people do very well being adjusted every two weeks.

2. Spinal Mobility Exercises - I created this program of 15 exercises to mobilize areas of

the spine that tend to get stiff and strengthen areas of the spine that tend to get weak. I

recommend doing them every other day. They take about 15 minutes.

3. Walk - Your body was designed to be up and moving pretty much all day with brief and

periodic rest breaks. AAAAAND we pretty much get it exactly backwards, by sitting most

all day long with brief and periodic breaks from sitting to walk a short distance. Your spine

pays a VERY HEAVY toll for this misuse. I recommend at least . . . and yes, I mean at

least a 30 minute walk every other day (Performed with purpose. Long strides.

Swing your arms.)

4. Drink Plenty of H2O - Most of the joints in your spine are lubricated with a fluid called

synovium. Synovium is mostly water. Your spinal discs have a mostly water filled center

that acts as a cushion. If you don't drink enough water . . . Your joints dry out. It really is

that simple. Drink at least half your body weight in water. If you weigh 200 pounds, drink

100 ounces.

Remember . . . Big Doors swing on Tiny Hinges. So you better keep those hinges in good working repair.

Here's to your Health,

Dr. Tim

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