Dr. St. Onge Shares a Recent Injury Experience

Having pain is HORRIBLE. It literally steals your joy. In my case, a recent calf injury has robbed me of my most important coping mechanism for dealing with stress, anxiety and depresssion. RUNNING. (Hopefully only temporarily)

If you have 3 minutes to spare, give this video a watch.

As doctors, we tend to fixate our attention on the specifics of the problem that we are trying to fix. Which bone or bones are misaligned and in which direction?

Which muscles have trigger points or adhesions in them? ​​​​​​​

What technique or method is best to use in this case?

Can I even help this person?

But when the doctor gets injured, it gives him a different perspective.

Watch the video and see how a recent calf injury while on a run has had me freaked out for the past week.

If you are dealing with a pain or injury that is keeping you from doing something that makes you happy or brings you joy and you are freaking out that you won't be able to get back to the activities that make you happy . . . maybe I can help.

I can certainly relate!!!

Give us a call at 417.598.0080.

I will be happy when this calf injury is in my rear view mirror.

And I would love to help you put your pain or injury in your rear view mirror too.

Love YA,

Dr. Tim


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