How To Get Relief From Your Back Pain Without Risking Death!

Chronic Pain is characterized as ongoing or recurrent pain that lasts longer than it should, generally more than 3 months and adversely affects your sense of well-being.

About 23% of the population have chronic low back pain and a whopping 12% are disabled by low back pain. That means that in the United States, roughly 85 million people have chronic low back pain and 42 million people are disabled because of it.

The Medical answer to chronic low back pain has been the use of opioid drugs like Oxycodone and Oxycontin for the control of this pain for some time now. But, with an ever-increasing number of people (68,000 in 2018) dying from opioid over-dose, there really needs to be another answer.

I mean you shouldn’t have to risk Narcotic addiction and death to get relief from you back pain. Can we agree on that?

Well, the good news is that there is another solution to chronic low back pain and the side-effects are generally positive. Death is NOT on the list of possible consequences and if you happen to get addicted to this new treatment, you will probably notice many other improvements to your health in addition to back pain relief.

So what is this new treatment for chronic back pain sufferers?

Spinal Manipulation. Or what chiropractors refer to as Spinal Adjustment. It’s a good thing that there is an entire profession dedicated to providing safe, effective and caring spinal adjustments. Hopefully we can get the word out about chronic low back pain and spinal adjustments like those delivered in a chiropractor’s office so that we can reduce the number of opioid drug related deaths and addiction.

Heck, who knows, we could even reduce the number of disabled people too. 42 million people is a lot.

Are you willing to help us to help our community. If you know anyone who might have low back pain, have them call us and we will give them a FREE, NO-Obligation Consultation to see if Chiropractic might be able to help them.

Oh, and if you have been dealing with low back pain for more than three months . . . Well, I think you know what to do. The number is 417.598.0080.

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