Do You Have a Back Problem or a Health Problem?

If you have a BACK problem . . . You have a HEALTH problem.

98 Years ago a study was published by a medical doctor. To my knowledge no such study has been repeated . . . Which is a sad testament to my profession.

In this study, Dr. Henry Winsor performed dissections on 50 cadavers. The goal of these dissections was to determine if there was a connection between, “minor curvatures of the spine on the one hand, and diseased organs on the other.” Dr. Winsor’s words.

49 of the 50 cadavers possessed minor curvatures of the spine.

Let me cut to the chase a little, the words that Dr. Winsor uses to describe these, “minor curvatures of the spine,” can be simplified down to the joints were stiff and slightly misaligned.

In chiropractic we refer to this as segmental dysfunction or subluxation. It’s “the thing” that I deal with all day every day in my clinic.

Back to my story.

So I have described the “minor curves of the spine.” Great! What of the diseased organs?

The following is a list of the organs that were found to be diseased in the 50 cadavers: Diseased Thymus, Lung, Heart, Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas, Spleen, Kidney, Prostate, Uterus.

In total there were 139 diseased organs in the 50 cadavers. Yes, there was more than one diseased organ per cadaver. Such is life.

In 128 of the diseased organs, the nerve that controlled the blood flow to that organ exited the spine at the segmental level of the “minor curvature.”

That is a 92 percent correlation between “minor curves” of the spine or what we call subluxations and organ disease via the spinal nerve that controls each organ.


Okay, I find this next sentence from Dr. Winsor’s report to be almost TOO MUCH TO TAKE. Dr. Winsor states, “That it was rare to find an organ diseased which was NOT supplied by the same sympathetic nerves as the vertebrae in curvature.”

Are you kidding me?

So not only was there a near 100 percent correlation between stiff spinal segments and diseased organs . . . BUT it was rare to find a diseased organ that did NOT have a related dysfunctional spinal segment and thus nerve supply.

So here is my take away. You can go the chiropractor only when you have back pain or neck pain. Most chiropractors are pretty good at alleviating back and neck pain.

But if you have spinal segmental dysfunction or subluxation in your spine, than you are at risk of creating a condition that fosters the creation of disease in one or more of your organs.

In other words, “If you have a back problem, then you have a health problem.

Unfortunately, you can have subluxations WITHOUT having PAIN, so really the only way to find out if you have one is to have your spine checked and adjusted by a chiropractor.

If you have not had your spine checked in a while (or have NEVER had your spine checked) give us a call at 417.598.0080.

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