How is Your Nervous System Tone?

Nervous System TONE?

The Autonomic Nervous System or ANS is one of 3 main branches of the Nervous system.

The ANS controls the functioning of the internal organs. Heart rate, blood pressure, blood flow to various organs, and digestion are controlled by the autonomic system.

The best way that I know to explain how the Autonomic system works is this. Your body should have a certain tone. Like the tautness of a guitar string.

If the guitar is strung too tight . . . it doesn’t sound right. Too loose . . . doesn’t sound right. The strings need to be just right.

That is how your body is too . . . You need good tone.

The job of the autonomic system is to maintain good tone to all of the organs in your body.

If your strings are too loose, you would pass out every time that you stood up and you would never experience arousal or be able to run away from danger. Among other things of course.

If you are strung to tight (which is most people in our society), then you tend to have other problems. Digestion becomes whacky. Heart rate and blood pressure increase. Your immune system craters and you get sick frequently. Blood flow to your various organs can also be compromised due to excessive tone causing varying degrees of chronic disease.

Chronic disease is the biggest health problem facing our country.

The most fascinating thing that I have been reading in the scientific literature lately is that spinal dysfunction leads to “bad tone” in the nervous system and that spinal adjustments improve that tone.

I guess in a way, you could think of a chiropractor as a guitar tuner for your body.

A “body tuner.”

Or something like that. 😊

LOOK! Maybe you go to the chiropractor for back or neck pain. That’s great because if you have back or neck pain than you probably have spinal dysfunction and you need to be in a chiropractor’s office for that. And a good chiropractor can almost magically relieve back and neck pain.

But, here is what you may not know. You can have spinal dysfunction that is causing you to get “out of tune” . . .


The question you have to ask yourself is, “How long do you want to live your life “OUT OF TUNE?”

How do you know if you are out of tune?

Low energy. Don’t handle stress well. Poor mood. Stiff and achy.

Excessively tired. High Blood Pressure.

If you have any of these than you are most likely out of tune.

So here is the deal. You are special. God only made one of you. There will never be another. The world needs what you have to offer.

Your family and co-workers need you to create the music that only you can create . . . But it will always sound off if your instrument is out of tune.

You keep your nervous system in tune by keeping your spine healthy through proper exercise, eating a sensible diet and having your spine expertly adjusted by a chiropractor on a regular basis.

Here’s to your sweet, sweet music.

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