The #1 Cause of Disability is Spinal Arthritis!

Arthritis in the spine is the number 1 cause of disability. The real question is . . . What is the #1 Cause of Arthritis and what can you do about it? Please note that the terms arthritis, degeneration, degenerating and decay refer to the same problem.

The following comes from a study that demonstrates the scientific value of routine chiropractic wellness care.

1. In animal studies, fixation of facet joints for 4-8 weeks causes degenerative changes and osteophyte formation of the articular surfaces with facet articular surface degeneration beginning at less than 1 week. Translation = a spinal joint that gets stiff, stuck or “fixated” can begin degenerating after only 1 week

2. Facet joint fixation resulted in synovial fibrotic adhesions that progressed to mild adhesions in 4 weeks, moderate adhesions in 8 weeks, and severe adhesions after 12 weeks. Translation = a spinal joint will get progressively worse the longer it remains stuck/stiff/fixated

3. There is a period where the adhesions are forming WITHOUT CLINICAL SYMPTOMS. This would support the common weekly or bimonthly spinal adjustment despite the presence of symptoms. Translation = degeneration can occur without symptoms, i.e. you can’t feel it happening

4. It is demonstrated that the spinal adjustment gaps the facet joints which may break up adhesions, preventing the fibrotic or degenerative process to continue. Translation = the chiropractic adjustment can help prevent joint degeneration.

5. Due to the neurological and biomechanical consequences of manipulative therapy, it is both logical and scientifically accurate that regular chiropractic care prevents the progression of joint degeneration and decay (arthritis) that originates from spinal joint fixation/stiffness/immobility.

Translation = chiropractic is not just good for you – it may be NECESSARY if you want to prevent degeneration and improve how your body ages

CONCLUSION: Many experts compare chiropractic care to brushing your teeth or routine fitness. Research shows that those who utilized chiropractic wellness care achieved the greatest benefit! Regular Chiropractic checkups and adjustments (when necessary) will improve function, prevent future problems, save money in the long run, and reduce your future need for surgeries, wheelchairs and nursing homes.

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