What does Chiropractic ACTUALLY do?

I am going to tell you something that might surprise you . . .

People come to me with a very wide range of health problems. Some people don’t even seem to have a health problem. They come to get adjusted because they want to keep it that way and because they have more energy, sleep better and digest their food better when they get regular chiropractic care.

I have helped a bed wetter to stop wetting the bed (his mom loves me by the way.) I have kept kids from needing ear tubes. I watched as my own 2 year-old daughter broke a 106 degree fever in which she was having what appeared to be seizures only 10 minutes after delivering an adjustment to her at 2 in the morning. She spent the next day playing like nothing had even happened.

I have witnessed people limp into my office and walk out. Shoot, the very first chiropractic adjustment given back in 1895, reportedly cured a man of deafness.

I have seen long-standing recurrent headaches relieved, and of course, I have witnessed people with chronic back and neck pain experience relief from their pain.

The question is: How? What do all of these maladies have in common?

You see, chiropractic only does one thing.

A chiropractor locates and corrects tiny misalignments in your spine. These tiny misalignments can cause interference in the communication between the brain and the body. When the brain and the body cannot communicate properly, the body ceases to function properly and you may begin to have a loss of health. That loss of health can present in a WIDE variety of ways.

In a way it’s humbling to know that I have never really cured anything but it is fascinating to know that today someone might walk into my clinic with high blood pressure and call me tomorrow to tell me that his blood pressure is back to normal and his doctor told him to stop taking his meds. It has happened!

So, what does a chiropractor actually DO?

We locate misalignments in your spine that are causing interference in your nervous system which may be causing unpleasant symptoms, is definitely causing you to express LESS life and WE CORRECT THOSE MISALIGNMENTS so that you can experience clear brain-body communication, fewer unpleasant symptoms and express MORE LIFE.

That’s all a chiropractor does.

Here’s to more LIFE!

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