Bike Racing. . . FEAR . . . and The Corona Virus

The media is creating fear over the Corona Virus. Mass HYSTERIA, really. You can’t even go to Wal mart and purchase Charmin toilet paper for crying out loud. I read an article that said that they are cancelling the March Madness Tournament.


Even Springfield is cancelling the St. Patty’s Day Parade. Too Bad!

Did I mention that people are hoarding toilet paper . . . for a respiratory virus. LOL!!!

Any hoo . . .

I want to share a lesson that I learned in my 20’s about fear and holding on too tight.

You see, I raced bikes when I was in college and for most of my 20’s. Bike racing is a little different than riding your bike around the block.

Speeds would average 24-25 MPH with some sustained efforts in the mid 30’s. You were never more than 3-4 inches from the person to your right or to your left. It was not uncommon to rub wheels or bang handlebars. Crashes were common and I was frequently not far from the crash. I was in several crashes myself. Some serious. Most not. But enough to create some fear when strapping on the helmet, let's just say.

The thing is in any given race I could crash and when you are racing you can only be so careful or there is no point in being out there. If you want to enjoy bike racing and excel at it . . . you gotta hang it out there, if you know what I mean.

Life is NOT so different.

I was in a race one day. It was like 90 miles long but the last 5 miles we were riding in a big group at 35+ MPH. It was crazy. People just bouncing off each other. In the last 5 miles of that race, the guy riding next to me on the right crashed, the guy on my left crashed, the guy behind me hit my back wheel and crashed and I rubbed the tire of the guy in front of me. By the grace of God, I did not fall. It was pure chaos. I finished the race towards the front of the group. Elated. Exhausted. Unscathed.

What does this have to do with you and the Corona Virus?

You cannot live your life in fear and you cannot play the what if game. During the course of your life, you will have close calls, there will be other “viruses,” other crises (both natural and man-made). It’s inevitable. And one day . . . Your number will be pulled too.

But if you want to live your best life . . . You gotta hang it out there. Keep your head down and keep doing “The Thing.”

Look I’m NOT saying be careless. Wash your hands. Stay home from work IF you get sick. Don’t lick the face of a stranger with the flu.

I mean . . . I always wore a helmet and gloves when I raced bikes.

But life needs to go on. The economy needs to churn. Concerts need to be attended. The World needs be Traveled. The FINAL FOUR. The Olympics.

Whatever your “THING” is . . . Needs. To. Get. Done.

Don’t let some talking head on the TV steal your peace. Your joy. Deter you from being YOU. Leave the hysteria for other people. Trust me, there are enough hysterical people in the world. We can spare YOU!

Don’t let the fear mongers stop you from living the good life.

Here’s to the good life.

Carry On!

Dr. Tim

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