Vibrant Health NOW Available Without a Pill

If I could stuff all the benefits of regular exercise into a pill and sell it to you . . . you would pay whatever price I asked.

That is how good exercise is for your health but there is no pill . . . there never will be a pill that has half the health benefits of exercise.

What are some of the benefits of regular exercise?

Decreased risk of cancer.

Decreased risk of heart disease.

Decreased risk of obesity.

Decreased risk stroke.

Decreased risk of joint destruction leading to total knee and hip replacement surgery.

Do you smell what I am stepping in yet?

Decreased spinal arthritis, back pain and disability due to spine related problems. (I am a chiropractor after all)

Less anxiety and depression.

More energy.

Better sleep. Lord have mercy.

Look better naked. Need I say more.

1 Hour per day and Power walking counts. Counts for a lot actually.

Walking. Jogging. Bicycling. Weight Lifting. Yoga. Pilates. Stretching. Swimming. Spin Class.

Pick your flavor. Pick many flavors. Switch your flavors up from time to time.

It doesn’t really matter. But here are some guidelines.

  1. Get one hour per day 5-6 days per week.

  2. Most of your exercise should be pretty low intensity. Walking. Slow jogging. Easy spinning on the bike. Swimming. Yoga.

  3. Lift some heavy stuff at least one or two times per week. This could be barbells or dumbbells or kettlebells or body weight exercises like push up and pull ups.

  4. Run fast or Spin fast on a bike 1-2 times per week. I mean really fast

  5. Do some stretchy stuff like yoga or my mobility routine 3-5 times per week.

  6. Consistency is the most important component of a good exercise program. I once read that it takes about 8 weeks for your body to completely respond to the workout that you did today.

  7. Stay with in yourself. For some reason people think that every work out should be handled as if they were competing for a gold medal. That is ridiculous. Consistency beats intensity.

That’s it. Kinda simple.

If you want to experience good health, avoid chronic and deadly diseases, rock a swim-suit and have the energy of a teenage boy from the 1980s . . .

You must get 1 hour per day of exercise. You can do it. I promise.

Love ya,

Dr. Tim

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