The Best Alternative To "Cracking" Your Neck

I think that people who have never been to a chiropractor think that all we do is crack necks all day. Kinda like on a good Navy SEAL movie . . . or Rambo.

I also think that this scares the: YOU . . . KNOW. . . WHAT out of some people.

I mean, if I thought that going to the chiropractor was like meeting John Rambo in a dark alley, I probably wouldn’t go either.

For those people, and for people who do not respond well to having their neck cracked . . . BTW chiropractors don’t really like the phrase, “NECK CRACK,” so I am just going to refer to that as a manual neck adjustment. . . the “preferred” terminology of choice. 😊

Any Who . . . what I was trying to say is that the manual neck adjustment is NOT the only method at my disposal to correct dysfunction in your neck. I have a number of other methods for doing so and what I have done is video myself providing one of my favorite patients with an adjustment using a device called an Arthrostim.

This is a very safe, effective and very NOT scary way to make adjustments to the neck and other parts of the body as well.

Check it out . . .

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